Sometimes it’s not autism…it’s just being a kid

24 May

We’ve had a rough week here at Chez Castle. Both the Duke and the Earl have been sick. Allergies, asthma, yeah, it’s ALL going on here. And the King has had a headache all week. Something bordering on a migraine. So, yesterday, the boys were home, as per the norm for this week. And the King called in sick waking up with throbbing in his head and needing to rest it off desperately. So, I got the Princess up and ready for school. 

Now, she knows when her uniform gets put on that it means she is going to school. And the King now parks his car in our garage, so there was nothing to suggest to her that he might still be home when she got up. Except…except she opened the bedroom door to look for something where he was sleeping and discovered he was home. I put her on the bus, she went to school. There was no drama, no protest. 

Around 10:15 I got an email from the Princess’ teacher. It simply had her name in the subject line. I opened it to read they were concerned she was not feeling well. During snack time (her favorite time, well, okay, any time that includes food is her favorite) she had retreated to a small cot in the classroom and was wanting a blanket. No, this is not typical behavior for her, thank you for asking. And she crawled into a teacher assistants lap and wanted cuddles, also atypical. And this teacher assistant she likes,  but when she wants cuddles, she typically goes to the teacher or other TA. They had taken a temperature on her just to be safe and no fever. But just a heads up, she might be coming down with something. I told the King who said, after she had been at school three hours, we could go get her (three  hours counts as a full day with early-out not an absence). 

So, we arrived at the school about 3 1/2 hours into the school day as her class was returning from the playground. As the teacher assistant walked her up to the office, the Princess had a slight spring in her step.  The plot line was becoming slowly apparent. As I walked her outside, she looked for our car and upon seeing her father in the driver’s seat, she began skipping. The jig was up. She knew how to play sick to get home to be with Daddy. No autism necessary, she could manipulate us with the best of them! Teachers and parents alike! I have to admit, it was a clever plot that took some planning on her part!


One Response to “Sometimes it’s not autism…it’s just being a kid”

  1. lifeoftransition July 21, 2013 at 7:50 am #

    Oh yes, kids will be kids

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