Little girl…you holding out on me??

21 May

The Princess has always been able to take off her socks and shoes. Always. Putting them on (the socks especially) well, not so much. 

Socks are an interesting sensory experience. The seam has to rest on top of her toes. They have to be pulled all the way up, no folding them down.

Yesterday I put a pair of tube socks on the The Princess. As usual we went through vocal protest, ugly looks (her not me) and splaying of the toes meant to convey, “this sucks, stop it now.” Because PE is on Mondays, we put on sneakers as opposed to crocs, her usual footwear of choice.

After putting her dirty pjs in the laundry, I walked into the living room to see shoes and socks off. All the way off. I was not pleased. I began to walk over when I noticed something. She had in her hands, crew socks. They were hers and had fallen out of a clothes basket onto the couch. I stopped and watched carefully as she put them on, adjusted them to her perfection and then put her sneakers back on.

I can understand how the tube socks are difficult, but little girl, you are holding out on me on your ability to besock and shoe yourself. 


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