You just never know what’s around the corner…

6 Feb

Toward the middle of January The Princess’s teacher contacted me with a concern. The Princess had some new behaviors including taking food from other children in her class at meal times and not staying in her area during individual work. We agreed to meet and brainstorm some ideas.

By the time we were able to meet, they had largely solved the issues. The teacher was sitting with her one on one during meals working with signing and the GoTalk device and The Princess was doing much better. But we took the opportunity to discuss some upcoming things and discuss where we would like to see The Princess go.

Each year in the IEP process, of course one of the questions we are asked is our vision for The Princess. I have always included I would love for her to be mainstreamed and potty-trained. But recently something unexpected popped into my head. I want to be able to travel the world with The Princess. And I want us to visit art museums. The Princess has a Mona Lisa smile and I would like to first be able to take her to the local art museum then the one I grew up with in the state capital working our way to the Met, MOMA, the Guggenheim in Bilbao and of course to the Louvre. Of course, that means no touching and The Princess is a very tactile child. And we need to work on managing our impulsivity.

I told her teacher who thought this was an awesome goal. We discussed various ways we could begin working toward this even now. And we discussed The Princess beginning to eat in the cafeteria. It would help her work on various sensory inputs (primarily auditory) and get her used to more “crowded” situations. As well as give her more time to interact with classmates. Ultimately we decided to try breakfast first. One of  The Princess’s teacher assistants goes and gets breakfast for the class each day. The Princess started this week accompanying her and sitting down with her food. Monday and Tuesday, zero interest in eating or sitting for long. But today, she ate a chicken biscuit and fruit AND she drank her milk from the carton which she has never done before either in the classroom or anywhere else.

It was last Thursday that we met and already we’ve had our first success. Now, I fully anticipated the rest of the year The Princess refusing her breakfast and making slow, steady progress. So for this, out of the blue, I am so thrilled. I know she may only do it occasionally, but her teacher expressed to me that  The Princess’s brain is super-receptive right now and so we are totally pouncing on it with what we can. And we have no idea how it will pan out, but so far, it has been!


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