Holidays: Survived

2 Jan

We go back to school/work tomorrow. We survived the holiday on-slaught. The Princess did reasonably well with her noticeable break in routine and lack of set schedule. We had no behavioral issues and only one melt-down and it was incredibly mild.

But she’s ready to go back to school.  Her aunt gave her a personalized back-pack for Christmas and if it were  up to her, she would have worn all-day every day. She loved having her Daddy home and started every day making the trek from her bedroom to ours to snuggle with Daddy in the morning. She did drive her brothers mildly crazy by going through their room multiple times a day. But she enjoyed the opportunities to get out that we got to visit family and the couple of trips to local McDonald’s with indoor play places since we had a shock of rainy weather and our kids crave being outdoors.

She loved the skateboard, helmet and pads she got and every excuse to play with them. She also got a sensory swing from her grandparents and we can’t wait to put it up.

We did have some issues with our Christmas decorations as she loves hoarding figurines so our nativity scene and various collectibles were constantly being removed from her room, but she left the Christmas tree alone.

So, overall, we had a great holiday season and we are very pleased with how mature The Princess seems although it’s bittersweet watching all our kids grow up, it is a wonderful time to reflect on how far she has come as well.


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