But my kid’s not like that…

25 Oct

The recent phenomenal performances of Jodi DiPiazza’s duet with Katy Perry on Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars and Anthony Starego kicking the winning point for his high school football team are inspiring, uplifting, and tear provoking. But for one of my friends (and many others out there) their tears are a mix.

A friend, after seeing DiPiazza’s performance posted again and again on facebook and twitter confided in me, “It’s awesome to see that she can do that, but my kid’s not like that. I don’t think will ever be like that. And I can’t watch it because it upsets me to think of that.”

My answer: that’s okay. The same way every typically developing little football player is not going to be the next RGIII, not every child with autism is going to be able to sing publicly with a popular singer. Not all of our kids will have that one talent that rockets them into the spotlight. Especially when more and more of our wonderful kids are being diagnosed. That’s fine.

And it’s fine to realize that and not be overjoyed. Even a little sad or even resentful. As long as we acknowledge those feelings and don’t allow them to overtake us.

The Princess is non-verbal, she doesn’t appear ready for any solos any time soon. She can barely hold a pencil, so no masterpieces that I can see. And rarely has the attention span to participate in team sports. But, she has her gifts that I am proud to say those of us who love her get to see so often. She makes us laugh with her play with her brothers. She lights up when on a surf board. And maybe the whole world doesn’t see that, but HER whole world DOES. And that’s what matters.

Your moments with your child are special regardless of whether the world can join in or not. We are not all called to be a prodigy. Neither are our kids.

So watch these clips only if they help uplift you, and if not, go hug your child.


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