In Case You’re New Here…

16 Oct

I am an autism mother. I don’t have the same restrictions on my thinking as parents of strictly neurotypical children. I refuse to see limits. My brain sees the arbitrary limits put on children and development as suggestions, not laws. I make decisions not on cultural norms but what is best for my family. And that may change from minute to minute. I’m not asking you to bear with me. Or even to understand me, just don’t attempt to stop me.

I know that every child is capable of wonderful, amazing things. I believe that we all have greatness within us that has to be tapped at the right time in the right way. When you tell me or my child “no” we interpret that not as a dead end but a challenge to be accepted. When you tell us it cannot be done, we instead go about it our own way.

I do not see children as moldable sheep. I see them as humans with their own opinions and rights and ways of being. A child with autism teaches a parent that when a peg is made to fit in a hole that is too small, it is damaged in the process. And sometimes instead of forcing things that do not work, we need to find the right “hole” for the misshapen peg.

I have learned that is often not my child that needs to fit in with the world, but the world that needs to fit with my child.

I know that being neurotypical is overrated.

I know that autism is not a death sentence. It is not a life sentence. It is an opportunity for extreme joy and blessing that are more numerous than the stars. It can be a chance to laugh every day. A glimpse into the amazing beauty of how our brains function.

I am an autism mother. It is not a stigma. It is an honor. Join me, won’t you.


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