Good News in more ways than one

3 May

Back when The Princess and our family started on our autism journey one of our early communication goals was making animal sounds. We’ve not had it as a goal in a few years, but it’s something she’s never done.

Until now. At The Princess’s school she attends her resource classes (art, music, pe, library and computers) with her regularly developing peers. It is a nice break for her and it keeps those kids informed too. Yesterday was music class. The kindergarteners and first graders are putting on a production of Frog and Toad from the Arnold Lobel books. When the music teacher said “cat” The Princess responded with a “meow.” This is the first animal sound she has ever made, ever.

Her paraeducator and the music teacher were so happy they gave The Princess a part in the play. As a cat. Now I don’ t know that The Princess will again meow on command, but I originally was not going to send her to the play but am considering it now. She not only imitated an animal sound, but she got a part in a play. That’s kind of a big deal.

Stay tuned to see if we end up going and how it goes…


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