An Open Letter to “Well-Meaning Folk” in my life

3 May

Dear Friend or Family Member who is not an autism parent,

I love you. I have chosen you to be a part of my life and I know your heart is in the right place, but, please, if you see an article on autism, it is not necessary to plaster it on my facebook timeline, flood my email or make the effort to snail mail it to me. Particularly if it is something upsetting or bad.

With the recent horrifying events that took place in NJ, my inbox, timeline and mailbox have become a minefield of helpful links or printouts and I have become driven to drink every single time I look at any one of those three things.

Thanks to social media and the internet, I have seen most of these stories before they were brought to your attention. I am part of a strong network of support via other autism parents and the second something happens, we all know. Our activism is tuned in that we have to react as quickly as we get info to ensure safety of our children, therefore, not much, if anything, gets by us. My choice to not necessarily retweet every article or video I see or hear, does not necessarily denote that I have no knowledge of the existence of said info. In addition, the “newest treatment” you are just now reading about on Fox News or in the NYT, I have known about for months because I either know someone going through it or it has been suggested by a professional for my child.

I realize you believe you are helping and have good intentions. I hope you will understand that there are other ways and things you can do that are much more helpful to me. You can attend seminars held by experts. You can walk for a local autism charity in your area. You can read my blog. You can read and share those links or articles with someone who is uneducated about autism. You can ask me questions. I always welcome questions.

Thank you for being a part of my life and The Princess’s life.

The Princess’ Mom


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