What?! Summer already?!

1 May

Summer is a fun time for most of us. But it can also be stressful with a child on the spectrum. Last summer we made a critical mistake and did not get The Princess involved in any form of a structured program. After about two weeks of non-structured time, The Princess had it with us and our lack of routine.

So this year, I was prepared. I looked into local autism programs and found a half-day day camp only for children on the spectrum and that would focus on social skills. They are closed one week in the summer and we will be out of town for two non-consecutive weeks so this was perfect. And being half-day, it was also easier to get The Princess’s extended school year services for speech and education built around that.

Last week I took The Princess for an interview and tour of the facility and after some initial reluctance (read: she thought it was a doctor’s office), she enjoyed the toys they provided her with and interacted with the staff. We are thrilled to give her some very good structure in her summer because we were driving each other pretty crazy last year and her behavior was becoming an issue which was a new and interesting experience for us. One we want to avoid a repeat of if possible.

Stay tuned to see how this summer and our camp experience turn out!


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