Trust me, it’s my kids without autism who drive me ca-razy!

26 Apr

People assume that my neuro-typical sons are a walk in the park after having a non-verbal child with autism.

Remember what they say about people who assume….

That is SO wrong! I cannot explain exactly how or why, but everything with The Princess seems easy. Yes she has meltdowns. Yes we can’t go some places with her but comparatively speaking, her needs are simple. If something is all gone, it’s all gone. I don’t have to then come up with some explanation as to why we are not going to the store right now. She lets it go. Not the other two.

I have considered that maybe it’s my tolerance for the other two is less because they can do so much more, but I’ve also ruled that out. With The Princess there just is and is not. There is no “why?” If there is not the world is cruelly unfair (as it is for the other two) but that’s it. We don’t have the myriad of questions that are not going to change the is not.

I know with The Princess if her needs are met she will do what I need her to do. With the boys, there needs can be met and then some and we still have a fight.

So no, it’s not the autism. Not all the time.


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