Do your autism successes make you uncomfortable?

17 Feb

You found the world’s best behavioral specialist or OT.

You found a medication that works wonders with your child.

You switched to gluten-free and it has been a miracle.

But all around you are parents still searching for answers for their child. It can be wonderful to share but a little awkward too. Especially if they have tried said medication or attempted gluten-free or anything else and they did not work in their situation. And if that is not bad enough, you have other parents critical of your choice because it is not one that they would personally make or did not work for their child.

I’ve been there. In fact, I’m there now. I am blessed that the majority of parents I know, even if they have not had success in something I am doing or do things differently, are extremely supportive. One of my sorority sisters has a son The Princess’s age with autism and does things VERY differently for him than I do with Shelby (or my other kids for that matter) but we are still uber-supportive of the other and we are the first to cheer each others successes on because we are both so happy we found something that will work for our kid and just hope others have the same type of success however they achieve it. But sometimes, I do still have a temporary twinge before I text someone or dial their number or hit “update” on facebook. Because even with the best support, someone having a bad day might feel attacked or just upset.

And, because we are all human, there are people out there who are, in fact, competitive about their child’s autism-related regimen and others who feel the success of anyone around them will only hurl them further into the pit of despair. And while most of us try to avoid people like that, it will happen sooner or later you will have to deal with one. And it is enough to send even the biggest stalwarts  a bit of a shock and apprehension.

So, if anyone out there is willing to share if they are uncomfortable with sharing “ausome” successes please leave us some info in the comments.


One Response to “Do your autism successes make you uncomfortable?”

  1. Jenn March 6, 2012 at 7:51 am #

    Sometimes, I don’t like telling about my successes to the “open world” because no one really understands them, unless you’re experiencing those same types of things.

    For instance, when my son FINALLY pottytrained (at age 10)…. I shared it on the autism boards that I visit, and an off-topic subforum of a food allergy board I visit (because he had been gluten and dairy free at the time, we think it may have played a small part) but I didn’t blog about it (though I plan to).

    I totally get what you’re saying.

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