Would you believe it???

3 Feb

I found a great support group. I hadn’t joined one previously because I was leery of some I encountered based on some of their members and others were just NOT convenient time-wise or location-wise.

A prominent autism awareness and advocacy group in my state has an office in our area and started a “Mothers Group” a few years back. The idea appealed to me because it would be women only and was being led by a woman I respect very much. However, I was working at the time and it just was not possible to go. After a few months into this school year, I asked a friend if she still went and how she liked it. She gave a glowing report and I decided I wanted to investigate. After the holidays, of course.

So earlier this week I called the center and spoke with the woman running the support group who remember me and The Princess from over 3 years ago! She was delighted I was interested and gave me all the info.

Luckily, The King got paid earlier in the week, so we could swing drop in care (the group only meets once a month) for the boys. I ended up being out of the house that day from 7 am until almost 2:30. We went and got the car inspected first and then we got gas, I dropped the boys off and went to the meeting. Two of my friends who are moms of kids in The Princess’s class were there as well as a couple of other moms I knew and some moms I didn’t. I got to see two therapists The Princess worked with early on who were delighted to see me and pics of her and The Duke. And find out I had a baby boy in the interim and see pics of The Earl. The meeting was informative and I felt very supported and safe. It was a VERY judgment free-zone and we shared our struggles and our joys.

After the meeting, a few of us went out to lunch. The other moms who went welcomed my boys to join us and we had a good time visiting and getting to know each other better. I have a very hard time “joining” things. Not because I don’t need support, far from it, but partly to do with my own social anxieties and also because I just feel that sometimes, it is not as much benefits as it seems. We have been somewhat public but in non-face to face ways with our struggles. For example: blogging, facebook, etc.  It was nice to have real people to talk to!


One Response to “Would you believe it???”

  1. Jenn March 6, 2012 at 7:54 am #

    I get you! I hear you!

    I need to join actual “in person” support groups. I miss the network of friends I used to have up in Northern VA and we’ve been out of that area for nearly 9years now. I’m realizing now that my friends that I have now, are really not friends, but rather moms of kids my younger son enjoys. I don’t hang out with anybody, etc and I miss that social aspect.

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