I’ll Admit It

22 Jan

I’m blessed. While The Princess is non-verbal and is not potty-trained and has very few fine motor skills; she is affectionate, she is social, she has excellent non-verbal skills and she is very intelligent.

She’s not a savant. Her repetitive behaviors are generally short lived and few. She has no behavioral issues. I thought the next three years would be mostly life-skills based, but she is actually doing a LOT of academic learning. She does puzzles now. After three years of OT, she is finally independently scribbling and making some shapes. She more easily self-regulates. We still have melt-downs and we still have doubts and fears,  but overall, autism, for us, is not a nightmare.

I know that’s not true for other families. I know families who struggle with health and psychological issues related to their child’s autism. I am thankful we have been spared and I pray for them. I know families, even in my daughter’s school, who have had massive struggles getting their child an appropriate education. I pray they will find a better situation for their child. I know people whose children have multiple food intolerances and on top of that a picky eater. My heart goes out to them.

I am not going to say that everyone should view autism the way I do. That not everyone can understand it in the same way and see the light at the end of the tunnel because their circumstances are so different. But I also am here to say that the struggles of others does not make my experience, my belief, my BLESSING any less valid.


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