Why must we beat each other over the head…

25 Nov

with our solutions to this “problem” called autism?

I despise the comments section for any article or posting about autism on the internet, facebook etc because it’s full of personal attacks and defensive mama and papa-bears.

Here’s the deal…we’re not all on the same page. We’re not all fighting the same fight. We’re not all going to understand each other’s decisions.

I have a friend, a good friend, whose son has autism. Despite our history, despite our long standing friendship, despite our general mutual respect, she insists on telling me on a regular basis that I abuse my children by taking them to my (stupid) pediatrician. That if I was serious about autism I would take them to a chiropractor only. I don’t respond to her attacks. Not because I want her to think she is influencing me (she’s not) but because I value her friendship. So I let her think that her way is right for me too (it’s not) and go on my merry way doing what I know is best for me and not her.

But most people are grieving too heavily or are entirely too angry or whatever the reason might be to understand and see that their fight and my fight or anyone else’s are not the same. And, this post, and nothing else in the world is going to change their understanding and way of thinking…


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