Why I Don’t Discuss Some Aspects of Autism

2 Oct

You will find that it is rare, if ever, that some subjects relating to autism come up here. I have a personal list of verboten topics when it comes to discussing autism and my family. Not many, but a few.

The reason is that I believe these are very personal decisions that impact my family and are the best decisions for my family. Therefore, I really do not need or want additional input for or against them. I respect that others may have different needs and different priorities and different things that work for them. And I ask in return that others respect that about me. Unfortunately, I’ve found that just asking for that return of respect, is not enough. I’ve found that I have to guard some choices and opinions very carefully. So, to ensure that I don’t have someone who erroneously believes I’ve trampled on their way of doing things just by stating that I do something different and to also ensure I don’t become the subject of attack, I just don’t bring them up. Period.

These subjects include (but are not necessarily limited to): immunizations, alternative therpies, diet, health insurance, and legislation. I believe these are all wildly important topics and I will, in general, address one or more of them from time to time, but I will not discuss my personal outlook or feelings or choice on them.

I appreciate the opinions of all my readers, family and friends, but I’ve also learned that there is a fine line between unfair criticism and just expressing an opinion. Thank you all for coming here and reading my thoughts!


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