Finding Our Groove…and sticking with it

1 Oct

I am comfortable with the choices and changes we’ve made in our autism journey thus far. It has been busy, it has been adventurous and it has been sometimes chaotic, but we’ve found a groove that works for us.

Unfortunately, any number of things can or can try to throw us off our groove. A teacher who might not understand how we control a behavior at home may introduce a new method in school unbeknownst to us that results in our confusion and The Princess’s, for example. These kinds of things can and do happen. Sometimes more than The King or I would like.

But the important thing is that we stick to what works despite it all. And if we hit a bump, we re-direct and get back on track. It may mean time on the phone with a teacher, doctor, or therapist. But it’s not something that we allow to upset us. To maintain our sanity and our general health and well-being, we work on controlling what we can and don’t worry about what we cannot.

It wasn’t very easy to come to this place. It was common for us at one point to freak out about every single possible complication that occurred, but time and experience have helped us dramatically. We’ve weathered going to pre-school and kindergarten now. We’ve come through with some battle wounds, but we press on. It’s not about the battle, it’s about the war. And we’re happy to report that finding our groove and sticking with it…makes us victors.


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